Forum Feature Request (old thread)

Is it possible to provide us users the ability to see “Todays Posts” rather than having to scroll through the entire list and look for whats “new”?  Here is an example:

If you click on ‘discussions’ at the top, you should get a list of posts and everything that’s been updated should have a ‘new’ tag. 

Right, But i still have to scroll through 8 pages and growing of posts in order to find the "new"ly posted comments… I guess I am just lazy in my forum reading :slight_smile:

I want to see all the new posts all together and sift through that way.  Not a big deal just a thought for possible enhancement.

So when you click on a post, you don’t get taken to the latest comment? 

I can see about getting a ‘today’s posts’ going though. Lots of plugins for the forum (I could probably turn the whole thing purple if I wanted), just need to get our web team to enable them :) 

No i see most recent when i click on the “new” thread but What i am suggesting is a way to sort all posts and only show me “new today” or new since I last visited.  If you go to the link i places above you will see a “New Today” link on the top bar.  That will give me ALL new posts since the last time I visited on top of the screen , then a divider bar, and all other posts below that.  

It just provides and easy way to troll and read the most recent threads.  I would add a screenshot but I am unable to find the “attachment” button… is there one?
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No, unfortunately pictures have to be hosted at the moment. 

I’m a forum junkie and am missing a bunch of stuff (like quotes). Hoping to get a bunch of stuff enabled very soon.

Any luck on this guy?

Sorry guys - still working on it! 

Can we have an option to load the last posts instead of going to the bottom and selecting it? It takes awhile on big threads to load all the posts.

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