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Continuing the discussion from Tablo Ripper Not ripping selected files:

OH NO :slightly_frowning_face: …maybe a “learning experience” category/topic/post
Discourse is the “software” running the community forum - here’s a Discourse New User Guide including Basic Terms Used by Discourse

This may help explain how to navigate, you found a Category, then a Sub Category and we wanted you to find a specific Topic aka thread from days-gone-by.

Of course there’s always discobot from your new user greeting - reply to them and they’ll take you through a brief intro - Interactive new user tutorial - Posts about nothing slight_smile now with polls -just the first dozen or so post really talk about this, then it’s just anything goes.

There’s always the :mag: at the top :slightly_smiling_face: But that does return a bunch… I guess, where did you find Tablo RIpper to begin with? -not that that matters, but the into post is the one which has the download links… so many presume you may have already been there.