Formatting hard drive

I have an external hard drive I was previously using with a 1st gen legacy TABLO. I want to use the same drive for a new 4 tuner gen 4 Tablo. When I plug in the usb the tablo recognizes the drive but will not prompt to format. I have old recordings from my gen 1 still on the drive, the gen 4 shows that there is only 500gb available out of the 2tb. Which was the case when using for my gen1. How can I format this for the new device. I am not trying to save the old recordings, just want to clear it and use with the new device. Please advise.

Connect the drive to a Windows PC and format it (will probably be NTFS). When you connect it back to the Tablo it should prompt to format (to EXT4).

You’ll need to go to SETTINGS and there should be an option to format the drive there.

Although format is the common option, I believe you really just need to delete the hidden .dot file …maybe the directories. The .dot file for sure.

Thanks, that worked. One more question. On initial set up I connected to WiFi. I want to use an ethernet connection. Will it automatically defer to a wired connection if i plug one in? Or do I have to reset and go back to initial set up? Thanks

Here’s that how-to: