Formatting a drive back to windows?

I would like to take my hard drive that was formatted via Tablo back to Windows readable.  How might I do that?

Just plug it into your PC and run “Disk Management”.  Windows should recognize the drive exists, but not the format it is in.  Just select the drive and there should be an NTFS format option.

Thanks snowcat, but while it powers up, Windows never ‘sees’ the drive (which it always did before the Tablo formatted it).  Afraid that’s another thing this box botched.

@VegasSteve if it is not being seen in disk management at all and I don’t mean a drive letter, then maybe it is a bad disk?

VegasSteve you will not be able to see it as a drive when you plug it in. If you go though the disk management process it will show up, just unpartition it and repartion the entire drive which will format it.

In Windows 7:

1.  Plug USB drive in

2. Open command prompt

3. type diskpart and press Enter.
4. type list disk and press Enter.  Your usb drive will more than likely be Disk 1, but look at the disk size to confirm.
5. type select disk # and press Enter.  ( replace # with the disk number from the previous step, ie disk 1 )
6. type clean and press Enter.
7. Type exit and press Enter

8.  Unplug and plug it back in to then format for Windows using Disk Management or plug into your Tablo and let Tablo format for it’s device.

This is what I had to do when I received my replacement Tablo in order for the Tablo to reformat the drive.  If not Tablo will not format for replacement device and any space used prior will be lost.

@marck23 - disk management showed it, but I couldn’t perform any actions from that screen.

@guck11 - THANKS!!!  Worked like a charm, really appreciate you taking the time to type that all out!