Formatted HDD, but all recordings still show up

In an effort to find a solution to the constant problems I’ve had lately with this device missing recordings and then chopping some recordings off after only a few minutes, I have formatted the HDD.

BUT, it still shows all the previous recordings.  Why?  Is there a way to clean this up?

Did you factory reset the Tablo to clear the internal DB?

No, but that will also wipe out all my schedules and everything too.  I just want all my recordings deleted.

Ok, I did a full reset, setup my channels and everything and then plugged in the HDD.

Old recordings that are not on the HDD ARE STILL SHOWN.

Does anyone know how to clean this mess up?

…of course, when you try to play any of the recordings now, it just says “play error”.

Can support chime in here and let me know how to fix this?

How about your factory reset it with the hard drive plugged in to the Tablo? This way it can properly initialize the drive.

There are no shortcuts with Tablo. Once you do a factory reset, you’ll need to wait 24hrs for the device to cleanup it’s “database” before the recordings are cleaned up and before you can readd schedules. Just let the device sit. If you must (watch the grass grow) keep checking the free space listed under settings to see it progress.

I can’t even begin to explain why this needs to take this long… But it does with Tablo.

Also, don’t trust any of the client apps. Uninstall/reinstall if you can and clear out your chrome browser cache. This will reinitialize the synch process and bring the distributed databases all back in synch. Basically, if the full synch process doesn’t happen on each app… Don’t trust that app.

All this hassle sure makes a shortcut sound nice. @belgiangenius I’m bummed your attempt to just format the drive didn’t work. I guess this just confirms the Tablo “database” isn’t stored on the hard drive.

So if you do a factory reset, you also lose a days worth of Tablo functionality as well.

@Thumbs @belgiangenius @theuser86

A factory reset doesn’t take 24 hours of ‘clean up’ time. Wiping the Tablo’s database will take a few minutes, and it can take several more minutes if there’s a drive attached - the Tablo will wipe the drive as well.

I think that’s where the confusion is @belgiangenius - if you want to wipe the drive along with the Tablo, make sure the drive is attached when you do the factory reset.

If you decide to do this, you’ll need to delete your Tablo from the devices you had it paired with. The process is pretty much the same on each of them. There’s no need to uninstall/re-install the apps, but it’ll have the same effect. Here’s how to delete the Tablo:

From the slide out menu on the left, tap ‘Disconnect’ at the bottom.
This will bring you to the Tablo select screen. Tap on the ‘Edit’ button on the top right.
Select ‘Delete Tablo’. Once this is done, it’s a basic ‘out-of-the-box’ setup. 

Feel free to send me a note directly if you have any questions.

Thanks.  I got this straightened out.  Had to clear caches on computers too.