Format USB hard drive

I have a new Tablo lite with external hard disk drive. After connecting the hard disk drive I get an error message stating the hard disk needs to be formatted. I read that pressing the blue reset button to force a reset will cause the Tablo to format the disk drive. I did that and nothing happened, other than having to go through the entire set up process all over again.

You may have mis-read somethng. In the First Time Setup from the Tablo Knowledge Base

scroll down to the section Format Hard Drive

I have the same problem. I never received format drive message and under DVR it says “media unavailable”.

How can I launch the utility to format the hdd with or without starting over from scratch?

Frustrating that the app does not have an option to do this.

Try unplugging the drive from the tablo, wait a few moments, plug it back in.

I’ve had best luck first powering the tablo, accessing the setting screen (via the web app or android device)… then connecting the drive. Some will say connect it to a Windows PC

Thanks. Unplugging / pluggingvthe USB did not work, but unplugging the Tablo… counting to 10, and plugging back in worked. Thanks for the help. The online help skips any detail like this.

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Although I haven’t actually counted… it seems there to be more “format drive” issues since firmware 2.2.26 - maybe not

NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.26

For us, ‘bug fixes & performance improvements’ are the laundry list of behind the scenes tweaks that would be gibberish to most people without an advanced understanding of HLS streaming or Linux.

“Linux” …maybe something got tweaked here, some drives may be just that-much-different to cause a headache.