Forcing a specific Network Interface

Question for you tech savvy guys.

I have two networks on my PC, one is a Wifi with good speed. The other is an ethernet card connected to my router connected to s Sllllloooowwwww 3mbps DSL.

The issues is the Tablo is connected to the wired DSL network. If the PC is just on that network, the Tablo connects. If the Wifi is connected, then the PC does not see the Tablo. I have other devices on the wired network (Camera system) that still connects fine. I use the IP to connect to it. Problem is, there is no way to specify the IP in the Tablo app. Tablo Ripper let’s me specify an IP and it works great with both the Wifi and ethernet connected at the same time.

I have the metric for the Wifi set at 10 and the ethernet at 20, therefore everything goes to the faster network first.

Any way to specify the interface. ForcebindIP wont work because it works with .exe files, and the Tablo program is a Windows app, no exe files in the directory to bind.

It is not a big issue as I can just disconnect the wifi and the Tablo works great.

One other thing. IF I connect to the Tablo first, THEN connect the PC to the wifi network, I can watch it fine as long as the app is open. But once I close it, I have to disconnect Wifi to reconnect to the Tablo.

I know it is an odd issue, but you never know who has an idea.

I am not exactly following your network setup. Is your WiFi built into your Modem or is it provide by another router/AP? Are you saying your PC is connected via a Ethernet cable and the Wifi at the same time? I know the Tablo uses an API to detect the local IP address and if you’re on two separate networks the app my not know which method to use… If your connected to two different networks this might cause an issue. As far as the IP issue I just set a static IP in the router so the Tablo always will be assigned the same IP.

Sorry. I did not make that clear. The Wifi is a hotspot from my Verizon Cell phone. I use it because the speeds are in the 25-35 Mbps range instead of the DSL’s 3 Mbps.

I’m in the country and don’t have many options. :slightly_frowning_face:

I have the Tablo at a static IP, but the app does not find it on the wired network when I have both wired and wifi hotspot connected to the PC.

" I know the Tablo uses an API to detect the local IP address and if you’re on two separate networks the app my not know which method to use"

You hit the nail on the head. That is the issue. But, what to do to resolve it?

Hi there @compulynx, for a device to see a Tablo, it must be on the same network (LAN). As you have two different networks in your home, whenever your PC is using the same one as your Tablo (in this case, the wired ethernet), it will be able to see it. When your PC is connected to the hotspot Wi-Fi network, it will not see it, as that is considered a separate network.

You cannot change to a Wi-Fi connection on your Tablo as long as an ethernet cable is plugged in, as it will always prioritize that. To change it to use your Wi-Fi hotspot, you must first disconnect the ethernet cable on the Tablo, then hit the blue reboot button on the back. When it comes back up, it should start to pulse, which means it’s in AP (access point) mode. At that time, you can use your PC to initiate the Wi-Fi connection process to connect your Tablo to the Wi-Fi network. You can do that by clicking ‘Add via Wi-Fi’ on the Connect to Tablo screen.

There is also an alternative to the above, if you’d rather not change the Tablo from the ethernet connection. If you have a guide subscription, you can use the Tablo connect remote access feature. If you have the Tablo Connect box checked in Settings and it confirms that it’s ready for remote access, you can then access your Tablo from any other network as long as you first access it once ‘locally’ (i.e. on your wired network). You can then change your PC’s network to the Wi-Fi and connect there.

However, be advised that since your Tablo is still locally connected to the slower line, that won’t be ‘sped up’ by connecting to it from a faster Wi-Fi, because the network it’s connected to locally hasn’t changed.

Thanks for the reply. I can’t change the Tablo to wifi as other devices like TV’s are on wired network. I will give the remote access a try. But not sure if the remote access will directly access the Tablo on the wired net or go to wifi, then through hotspot to internet and back to DSL net (that won’t work, too slow).

Like I said, the weird thing is if I access the Tablo and then connect to wifi, then I can watch TV and use Tablo, as long as I do not close app, so I know it works with wifi on and is still accessing it through wired network.

Maybe for the future, there could be an access by IP address in the app. I know it works that way because I can use Tablo Ripper to access it even with wifi connected.

BTW, loving the Tablo. It is great and the guide is very nice. I will be subbing to it at end of month when my free sub runs out. Wish I could use the commercial skip, but my DSL is too slow and the Tablo tied it up trying to access your servers. I did manage to get a couple of programs to process and the skip works great.

Thanks again for the reply.

Remote access uses port forwarding to directly access your home network wherever you are, as long as the network you are using has internet access, and you have set it up beforehand (and also connected to it once locally). So to answer your question, it would connect to your router.

The Wi-Fi network you have is from a separate hotspot network created by your phone that for all intents and purposes could be hundreds of miles away, so it doesn’t have any interaction at all with your home internet from your router. Meaning if you drove to another city with your PC, for example, you could create your hotspot on your phone and connect to that network with your PC and access your Tablo at home with it. This scenario is exactly the same as doing this all in your house.

All of that said, as mentioned before, if you are leaving your Tablo connected to the router, then there is not really any reason to bother with all of this switching around. You won’t be able to get faster speeds than the network the Tablo is connected to can do.

I’m not sure, but it sounds like what you really want to do is always access the Tablo over your wired connection from your PC. Just accessing the Tablo happens on your LAN, so speed to the internet doesn’t matter.

I know you can have more than one network connection on a PC (ie wired and WiFi), but I never tried making sure you have an application prefer to use one network over another.
This article discusses network priority on a Windows PC, wired is by default always preferred over wireless. Then it explains how to change that priority.
How to connect and use two different networks simultaneously on Windows | Vuyisile Ndlovu

This likely isn’t all the info you need, but maybe gets you on a trail to achieve better results!

I am familiar with using metrics to use a preferred network. I actually tried to set the wired network to have priority (lower metric #), but still would not find the Tablo.

Kind of giving up on that and now drilling down into the C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Nuvyyo.Tablo_1.909.227.0_neutral__ec6vjykgfz2m2 directory. I see a lot of Javascript files. May look into some kind of mod to make it look for a certain IP address instead of searching for it the way the regular app does.

May or may not work out, will keep any updates posted.

It sounds like the Tablo windows app just isn’t searching the ethernet network when WiFi is connected. I bet it’s doing something silly like picking the first active interface it finds. AFAIK the Windows default is to favor the wired interface over wireless if both have internet access. I’m guessing wired defaults to a lower metric.

I’ll probably get into something like this in the not too distant future when I put my newly acquired Tablo on the network it’s supposed to be on. Call me a little crazy if you want but I have 4 subnets (and a business class router). Computers, phones/gizmos, guest, and one for a particularly badly behaved weather station that will let you upgrade it’s firmware without any sort of security check. All you need is a phone on it’s WiFi network and you can update it’s firmware. For now the Tablo is on the computer network so I can set it up, but it’s getting moved to the gizmos network with my Roku.

They really ought to just offer a connect by IP address option in the apps, at least for computers. It should be super easy to add and would save people with unusual network setups a lot of hassle. The Tablo’s IP isn’t dynamic if I don’t want it to be. It’s my router. If I tell my router “MAC address X shall have Y IP” that’s what will happen. Maybe I’ll even give it a local DNS entry, probably tablo.lan or tv.lan.

Another possibility would be configuring a router for multiple internet connections, attaching a WiFi bridge to it, and setting it up so everything in the house will go over the phone hotspot when it’s connected and over the DSL when it’s not. Consumer routers won’t do that, but a lot of business grade routers can handle a primary and backup internet connection. I’m pretty sure mine would handle it. It’s a MikroTik RB5009 wired router. Basically the cheapest thing I could find that wasn’t a piece of junk, supported VLANs, had an SFP+ cage to connect to my switch, and a 2.5Gb RJ45 port to connect to my cable modem. $210, but that’s overkill unless you need those ports. There are lots of cheaper options if you only need gigabit or lower speed.

Maybe you could add a static route to the routing table on Windows.

Static route does not work because the PC app doesn’t use IP address to identify the Tablo. It uses some other method and does not scan all networks, just the first one. Like Zandor said, they just need to add a simple use IP choice to access it. I know that will work, because I can access the Tablo with Tablo Ripper by IP address when I have the wifi connected.
But the Tablo app just can’t find it.

I WAS able to get it to access with wifi on by setting the wired to a lower metric, but then all traffic goes to the slower DSL wired instead of the faster wifi hotspot connection.

I’ll elaborate. I would make the Tablo IP address static in you router if you haven’t already done it for remote viewing. Then make the Tablo IP a static route on your windows device. Now see the post below.

My guess is that the app get’s it’s information from there. I could be wrong since I don’t know the discovery protocol. I would make a static route for the host that they mentioned above. I think that would convince the Tablo app to use the correct network.

Search for “Hostname-based static route windows”

Wow. I see from that link that direct IP access has been requested since 2019.

I am guessing it will never happen. :disappointed:

There are several long requested features Tablo hasn’t implemented. :disappointed: Keep asking when they send their surveys out!

I want to add one thing that I found out about while working this issue.

The Tablo Ripper program lets you delete multiple recordings at one time instead of having to go to each one and delete it.

Just use the Ctrl or Shift key to highlight all recordings you want deleted and then right click and hit delete.

Found this out by accident one day. I had about 20 recordings and was deleting them one at a time, then I ran up on this.

I don’t think there is a way to delete multiple recs at once from the Tablo apps.

ETA: I am talking about different shows, not multiples of the same show which you can do with the app.