Force non-touch interface on android based TV box

I have a Tablo and a Fire TV, which has worked great. We were going to try it out for a few months before we getting a second Fire TV. Rather than getting another Fire TV ( which was out of stock) I opted for a Matricom GBox Q ( ), as I thought being rooted would open some customization options. It runs Kodi great, but for Tablo (and some other apps) it has some annoyances.

  1. The Tablo app plays great on the Fire TV. In the G Box Q the video, both recorded and live, is very choppy. However if I use the web interface on the new box through chrome it plays quite well. The network is not a problem, hardwired gigabit and I swapped the boxes around to confirm.

  2. The tablo app treats my device like a touch screen tablet and doesn’t respond to directional buttons on the remote, meaning I have to use the air mouse. I don’t know if there are 2 different android packages ( regular android and fireTV / android TV) or if the app looks for some device property to decide which interface to use. Perhaps a method allowing the user to force the TV interface would be helpful.