Force close to access some of the recordings

Once every few days, I cannot access some of the recent recordings. When clicking on the show’s “tile”, I hear the click sound, the screen flashes, then nothing.

  • If I force close the engine app then reopen it, I can access all the recordings.

  • If I use from my smartphone, I can click the non-responding tile, see all the show’s recordings, protect/unprotect, delete, etc. Event if I cannot access them through the app.

What should I look for to fix this? I have a Shield Pro with an adopted WD passport 4TB

I also have to force close the engine app in order to access new recordings nearly every time. Also, every so often a recording will be corrupted about half way through. I can click through the fast forward thumbnails but I get the spinning circle when I try to play it. Eventually the app stops responding and closes. Despite restarting my shield the recording remains unplayable past the half way point and I have to delete it. I hope the coming engine update fixes these issues. It’s also annoying that when you delete a recording the screen usually doesn’t update immediately. You have to browse to another area like live tv and then come back. Sometimes that gets the recording screen to refresh.

The unplayable corrupted recordings happen to me once in a while.

I’ve opened a ticket support. I suggest you do the same so they have more than one Shield to work with.

I’ve opened tickets and sent lots of logs. The problem seems to happen most often when you delete all the recordings for a particular show, then a new episode records. Then I often can’t view the new recording without a force close and restart of the engine app.

Six weeks have passed. No fix. On top of that, the ENGINE app still has only very basic features.

Tech support got a system log dump every time I had (and still have) an issue.

It’s close to 13 months since the last app update. Has the Tablo Tuner been discontinued support?