For Sale - Tablo 4-Tuner with Lifetime

Well, it has been a fun ride but the time has come to unload my Tablo 4-Tuner with Lifetime sub. I have enjoyed the unit but ultimately I have found that my Plex & HDHomerun just gives me more flexibility without having to extract content from the Tablo. No hard-drive included.

$150 shipped. PM me if interested

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If your guide subscription is your life, not the tablo’s life… how do you sell that? Just curious how it works?

Nuvyyo may also terminate your subscription and access to the Services immediately in the event you violate the terms of this Agreement (for example, reselling or granting access to the guide data or sharing your subscription account or selling it)

No Assignment. You may not assign or transfer any interest under this Agreement without the written consent of Nuvyyo.


Usually you can change the email address to the new owner and then they can take it over and reset the password from there. Also Nuvyyo can transfer the sub to a new owner as they have in the past.

You may want to contact Nuvyyo for there consent to resell the sub.