Font size adjustable

Just got a 4th gen and maybe this is feature is buried somewhere in the menus that I haven’t found yet, but it would be nice to be able to select a font size for the live tv program guide. The main font for the program guide is just large enough(readable) for me, but the font used in the program description shown above the guide is about half the size as the main font and too hard to read. If not a selectable font size for the guide, maybe the font size for at least the program description could be enlarged to match the font size used in the main guide.
(Edit) - I should have mentioned this is using the Roku app. I don’t know if all the guides are the same between apps.

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Yes it is pretty amazing. And the entries in the recorded and scheduled menus look like they just slapped in the same entry. It’s as if they didn’t use a real TV for testing - only a phone or tablet.

I think the fonts are OK, but I do see what you mean. :thinking: I would like to adjust the icon sizes and fit more on the screens, even make them 1/2 the size or even some screens more txt based to fit more on the screens. I sometimes watch on very large screens and the icons are comically large :rofl: especially the screens where it will only show 8 or 10. They are feet tall and wide. :rofl:

I am watching in the kitchen on a 40" 4k and the txt is nice size, but I might even like to see 10 lines of guide instead of only 6-7. From 10 feet away I can easily read everything.

If tablo thinks the font size on a legacy unit viewed on a TV are correct why wouldn’t a gen 4 be the same aize. If you are testing a gen 4 it would seem normal to place 2 TV’s of the same size next to each other and use a Roku, Fire TV stick, etc to verify the results. that doesn’t seem vey hard.

There’s no right or wrong size for the font. There’s 2 many variables. one person may be viewing a 70 inch tv from 6 feet and the font would look oversized, another person may be trying to view a 32 inch tv from 12 feet and not be able to read it at all. A selectable font size to accommodate each users vision and particular viewing setup would be helpful.

That’s why there are baseline sizes you start with. And if a legacy device has been using a particular size and style for 9 years with few complaints I might just start with the same size. And whether it’s changeable or user selectable depends on the device and OS.

I guess I see a baseline font size as what should just be the default size (and likely good enough for the majority). But with such variation in sizes of TV’s coupled with viewing distances. I’m surprised a selectable font size or guide size wasn’t already available. Before getting Tablo I was on Dish network and you could chose between sizes… Sure when chosing the larger font you had to scroll around a bit more because less fit on the screen, but if the alternative is not being able to read it all I’ll take the larger font. I guess you’re a one size fits all kind of person and I’m a custom fit kind of guy.

Ever try to adjust the font directly using roku controls. I think there is a starting point. And for an actual TV it’s the same as before and not smaller. especially since we are about an episodes detailed item. Which on legacy roku app has one item per screen - on roku gen 4 app some though they were getting tricky and there really is no detailed item. So they can display more smaller items per TV screen.

I got one of the first DirecTV systems when they became available. I liked the ability to scale the guide based on the number of hours to display. It would scale both vertical and horizontal based on selecting 2, 3, or 4 hours to display. Worked great for multiple screen sizes.

That’s nice. how do I take a general purpose STB device like Roku and do that.

You’re running a 3rd party application on the Roku streaming device. The app. developer (in this case Tablo) can design their app with any size fonts they want. It has nothing to do with Roku itself.

That’s my point. The gen 4 app shoild have started with the same size as the legacy app. someone difted off and wanted user changeable fonts.