FM radio availability

Coming here from a Windows 7 media Center streaming locally through wmc.pvr to various kodi devices it was disappointing to see the kodi add-on discontinued, should probably be mentioned on the kodi wiki.

But more to the point we no longer have FM radio, would that be possible at some point?

iHeart Radio, TuneIn,

They all work great…

But use internet, which can be sparse where I am

If you don’t have internet then Tablo will not work for you.

CAN be sparse. Usually fine. Fine for tablo except automatic commercial skipping it seems.

And tablo would work fine with no internet, just no guide

Coming from a system where you have great control (within the confines of Windows) to running a system based around a table, you’ll find disappointments.

I have issues, but can’t deny tablo does what it suppose to - not necessarily the way I wished it would. It works great when used as desigened, for what it is.

I’ll suggest you check some of the 3rd party apps section, no FM, but nice apps to help you along.

No, it does a system clean and update every nite over the internet, and without this it will become corrupt and go south after a few days.

How do you conclude the system is really that unstable? I’m aware of the guide data updating, firmware updates when you initiate it. Beyond this, what specifics are your referring to


Forgetting all the “you need internet” debate what are you trying to do? Stream radio from a tuner in your home, record radio for later, something else???

I’ve got to wonder if something like this might work for you.

Just stream to various devices, that setup you suggested doesn’t really work because it only works on Linux devices so I’d need separate devices for services like Netflix (yes the internet is USUALLY good, somewhat weather dependent, I’ve been cutting down trees which helps, also I have neighbours on SIM card cellular service so every byte counts)

With WMC and the server + pvr add-ons I was able to watch tv or listen to radio from my tower mounted antenna anywhere my network was and on any device that could run kodi. Especially nice on headless kodi based music players that you control with the kore app.

It is just a request, on the Hauppauge tuners it’s trivial to setup, I was wondering if it would be the same situation on tablo tuners

What front ends do the various devices run(Android IOS Roku Kodi …)? I was thinking something small like a Raspberry PI zero W and a SDR dongle might be able to tune the stations and create a local audio streaming service.

Can that be used as a backend streaming to other kodi instances?

It might take a some searching but that’s kind of what I was thinking. I have used SDR dongles remotely before. I figure $10 for a RPI zero W and $10-20 for a dongle + antenna adapter. Setup would take a little work.

If you have a source to get $10 pi zeros I’d like a taste of that

That’s just the board and doesn’t include shipping. Last time I bought from Adafruit.


I doubt it… but FM Radio is a BIG Headache for me. I have filter to block those frequencies from reaching my Tablo.

Even worse interference than the LTE causing Pixelation.


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Adafruit actually has some in stock right now. Shipping $4 limit 1 per customer. I can’t believe they are still so hard to find outside of kits. I checked after I replied to you because I wanted a couple for projects and they were out that day. I managed to get two tonight. One with headers and one without. Technically two different products so it still didn’t break the one per customer rule. I only needed headers on one board anyway so that’s fine.

Long story longer
RPI Zero W $14 shipped