Flicker on Live TV

If I watch live TV on my ipad I have to use full resolution. If I set it at 4mbs then I have a static flicker on the bottom inch of the screen. Recordings are fine, its just live tv. I have tried other channels and as long as they are full quality, it looks nice, but it buffers every minute or so. If I try to change the streaming quality a very annoying flicker appears at the bottom of the screen (but the buffering seems to stop). Any ideas. I bought Tablo a week ago and so I am very new, sorry if I’m missing something simple or missing another topic. (this is my first post, and I searched first.)

My home DL is 100 and my UL is 10
My work DL is 500+.

There has always been an issue with watching live TV via Tablo Connect at 3Mbps and 4Mbps resolution. It will do as you described, or have bars on the bottom and top.

This issue doesn’t happen with recorded tv or at other resolutions.

Thanks, after reading your post, I tried at 2Mbps and it seems to be doing great. :slight_smile: Thanks

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Glad that helped. It’s just a weird quirk of Tablo Connect. The other issue is that the supposed audio-only resolution doesn’t do audio only. It is the same as one of the higher settings.