[FIXED] Commercial Skip not Working on Fox Network

I notice all slows I record on other networks work fine. But every show on Fox records perfectly but is never processed for commercial skip.

Only one of four tuners used during time of recording.

Any ideas?

What message do you get?

Are thumbnails created for those shows?

Thumbnails = Yes

No messages. If there was where are they located?

Snippet from the Blog:

However, certain networks, program types, and shows are always ineligible for commercial skip processing including:

  • [PROGRAM TYPE] Manual Recording
  • [SHOW] American Dad
  • [SHOW] South Park
  • [SHOW] Family Guy
  • [SHOW] The Cleveland Show
  • [SHOW] 20/20
  • [SHOW] 60 minutes

Thanks. I am familiar with that post. Do you know if the list is comprehensive or just a sample of what might not work?

FOX is not on that list.

It’s not… What types shows are you recording that you’re not seeing skips for? Do you have a few recent examples?

I am having a similar problem on CW with episodes of The Flash.

Do other recordings from that network process correctly?

Do you see any error messages?

Recent shows:

Prodigal Son


I did not realize the messages on Apple TV appear at the very bottom of the recording per show. There are two separate Watch buttons and I just clicked the top one. Next time I will scroll down to the second one and that is where the message shows up and the yellow checkmark if successful.

What were the dates of those recordings?

I don’t record anything else on that network. It does say something like “commercial skip failed.”

It’s worth taking a look for the exact message and matching it with the description in the link above. That should point you to the reason why you’re seeing this.

It says “Commercial Skip detection failed” so there is no clear reason why this keeps occurring.

OK - drop a note to support with those details and the dates of the most recent Flash recordings that show this. We can take a closer look and see what might be happening: www.tablotv.com/ask-tablo/

Monday 10/21

And there are no messages next to them?

I did not notice…I will next Monday when they air and are recorded again…

"Commercial skip detection failed"

Programs: 9-1-1 and Prodigal Son both aired Monday October 28.

Again, I get a strong signal on FOX network and it is the only major network where commercial skip fails 100% of the time. So this failure is consistent.

OK - make sure to keep those recordings on your drive. I’ll have @TabloSupport work with you to get more details.

Sent you a private message!