Fix for Roku Ultra and Roku TV showing black screen on OTA channels via Tablo app


I have a Roku Ultra connected to a Roku TV ( I like the Ultra functions).

Had all Tablo OTA channels showing a black screen… Saw a thread talking about changing all of the audio settings to Auto and not any of the other choices (Ultra had more choices). I switched that to auto and it did not immediately fix the problem… I went to the Roku TV settings and then changed the audio there to auto. That fixed the problem… a slight time period of the black screen when you go to the channel, but the channel kicks in after a few seconds… Just wanted to put this in one spot so anyone else having problem might find it easier.


Thank you very much for sharing this information, it worked for me. After installing an external Seagate 8g desktop hard drive I was not able to access the recorded content through the Roku Ultra app connected to a Samsung TV. When I selected a recorded program it would not start and then bounce back to the guide screen. In the Roku settings I changed the display type setting from auto to manual, the audio setting from auto to stereo, and the digital audio from auto to stereo. All episodes played fine after that. I was having the same problem on a second Samsung TV with a Roku sound bar. Once I changed the similar Roku settings in the soundbar, it worked as well. When I used only the internal Tablo memory this issue with episodes did not happen. I had tried another external hard drive before (Western Digital 5gb portable), and thought it was going bad when I had issues accessing the episodes, but it appears to be related to these settings, and not the hard drive. Interestingly, this morning I put the settings back to auto in the Roku Ultra, and could still access the episodes recorded on the Seagate. I am not sure which particular setting did the trick but it seems to have fixed the issue. Sunday October 28 update - stopped working again when trying to access episodes through my two Rokus, but Android cell phone Tablo app still working. October 31st update. Tried a new Amazon Firestick (not 4k) and it works correctly. Rokus still do not.