First setup problem


My location is Laval, QC, Canada (my postal code is H7L 3W5) and I have a Tablo Dual 64GB.
After my first setup all canadian channels are ok (guide is ok too), but i cannot access american channels. They are listed but i have no guide and when i try to access an american channel nothing happens. In my initial setup i used my actual postal code, should i try with an american postal code instead ?.
I’m using a CM 4228hd 8 bay antenna and an Asus RT-AC56U router.

Thank you

I believe the POTUS has enacted a tariff preventing this.

(poor attempt at humor folks… please take it that way)

If you haven’t stayed in one of Trump’s hotels, you can’t have our US TV for free!

Try another nearby postal code, or try a zip code for an American city close to you.

Thanks for replays, it actually works now with an US zip code

If you open a support ticket with Tablo you can get the guide data for those American channels added to your postal code.

@caplaur Glad you were able to get things resolved with the new zip code.

I’ll let the team know the postal code you were trying to use is missing some channels so we can get that corrected for others in your neighborhood.

Thank you, that would be nice because now with the US code i miss the guide for canadian channels

Can you PM me (or send a note to our team) your Tablo’s MAC address? It’s on the bottom of your Tablo (or at the bottom of the Tablo app Settings screen). We’ll be able to use this to send the report off to our guide data provider with more accuracy.