First real issue with my legacy Tablo - Guide won't show past ~36 hours

Have the Legacy Tablo 1TB OTA quad tuner. Autopay monthly for subscription.

Today is Friday (2/16) and I wanted to go to Sunday (2/18) to add a show to be recorded that evening.
Guide stops at 5:00PM on Sunday (2/18). Blank beyond that.

Anybody seen that before ?

What device are you using? Are you looking at the live TV guide or the categories? When was the last time your Tablo had the guide updated (check settings)?

Forgot to mention that it’s is a TCL/ROKU TV.
Looking at live guide.
Tried doing a “refresh guide” but didn’t help.

Thanks, that helps. I did look at the live guide on my Roku stick (using the legacy app) and was able to see entries through at least Tuesday.

It could just be a memory issue, especially if you have a lot of channels. If the channel entries didn’t show up after a few minutes, try rebooting your TV to reset the memory. That may help.

If you look up the show you want in Shows does it go out further?

Have about 86 channels available, but only 8 in the guide.

Went back in and tried again and now it goes out past Sunday at 5:00PM.
Don’t know what the problem was, but it’s working now.

Thanks for the replies/suggestions.

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