Firmware update 2.2.10

Hello Tablo and all. I am currently still using 2.2.8. Outside of addressing specific issues re Roku and others are there any general enhancements of the 2.2.8 firmware?
I ask because I am currently using Nexus Player which is working very well for me as it has since installation.
I’m reluctant to make the change unless there are some significient enhancements of the various features or you’ve implemented additional features that are not currently available in 2.2.8. I’ve also noted a few issues reported by 2.2.10 users since making the upgrade. All relevant feedback appreciated.

I had 2.2.10 and I was experiencing many of the issues reported here in the forum. I had tech support re-install 2.2.8 last week and all of the problems I was having are gone. I think 2.2.10 is mainly for future release upgrades and Apple TV 4.

Thanks for the feedback. Staying with 2.2.8 for a while at least. Don’t see any dramatic reason for upgrade right now.

@JerryG I am so glad you asked the question and equally glad that @Teregon responded. You two save me tons of headache. When it comes to Tablo firmware, I typically don’t upgrade until at least 2 months after the release in case there is a patch.

2.2.10 firmware works great here. No issues with recordings or live TV.

Currently just recording many shows as “All Episodes” bc no new TV in the summer. So the recording load on the Tablo is higher than normal and no hiccups.

Same here

If it ain’t broke, yada yada. Cheers.

Hear ya BUT, results of updates can vary from system to system. I’ll wait until all the votes are in. Then I’ll wait a little longer.