Firmware release problem (2.2.6)? Roku access SLOW

I have had in the past the Tablo not connect to certain devices of mine unless the router was rebooted. It hasn’t happened in quite a while (probably a year now), but the only thing that fixed it was the router reboot. It had nothing to do with someone adjusting any settings on the router.

So I understand why the Tablo folks and others recommend a router reboot when there are connection problems.

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I have both a WAN (standard cheap IPS router) and LAN router and neither one has been rebooted in well over a year. There is nothing particularly complex or in any way unusual about the way tablo uses the TCP/IP protocol. And in fact I rarely reboot my tablos.

There use to be a thread on what disks worked with tablo. As I’ve suggested before maybe there needs to be a thread on routers that seem to need to be rebooted a lot.

And there is a huge difference between a user such as you deciding that his router needs to be rebooted and a company suggesting the same.

And if I was in management at a company such as TP-LINK and found a company that produces a single purpose device such as tablo suggesting my product needed to be re-booted I would probably be a little pissed.

TP-Link is budget though, you can’t expect the world from them.

With that said I have a TP-Link TL-WDR3600 that works really well with the Tablo and Roku 3 Model 4200.

I think users should pick what ever router they desire. But if the tablo doesn’t work, whatever that means, and they think they need to reboot their router, maybe they should first test to see if the router is working for other devices. Can the roku query for new firmware update or select other channels. Will a PC, tablet, or phone connect out through a WAN?.

Maybe that would yield better information about what’s wrong.

I was one of the first to buy a Nest thermostat, a product designed and built by former egocentric Apple engineers.

For a very long time the Nest did not work properly, and would drop its Internet connection, disappear from remotev(away frim home) access, slam the furnace or air condition to extreme temperatures, etc.

The Nest forum closely resembled this forum.

Thread after thread after thread complaining of bugs.

Nest insisted that routers were the problem, eventually made a list of recommended routers, and also made numerous firmware updates, pushed without user consent or awareness, frequently solving one problem but adding a new problem.

People who followed the advice to replace their routers often returned saying: “New approved router, same problem, now what?” It was pathetic.

Nest ultimately got some very competent software people who fixed the bugs that were causing the problems from day 1.

It took a long time, angered a lot if customers, and lost sales to other products. I’m sure Amazon and others got a ton of returns.

Microsoft led the effort to ship now, fix it later. A lot of companies like Nest consider it acceptable practice. And early adopters like me fuel the fire.

Sadly, fixing it later may never happen if the people and management wisdom are lacking. A lot of half-baked products never will succeed due to their smug and chaotic test methods where people test their own code and proclaim it to be flawless.

Same thing, very very long waits when I am trying to watch recorded programs, or navigate through them. The progress bar fills in excruciatingly slow, and that never happened before the update. Maybe someone can roll this back to the previous Version, because the update is really, really bad

Open a Support Ticket with Tablo Support directly so they can pull the logs from your Tablo so they can fix this issue.