Firmware level for 4-tuner Tablo?

I could have sworn that the firmware level on my Tablo was 2.2.17.

Earlier today I formatted the HDD, and factory reset the Tablo after also removing sync data from every device I could find. (I thought my phantom guide entries issue was resolved, but apparently it wasn’t).

Now I see the Tablo is at Firmware level 2.2.16 with no option to update. Is taht the correct level and is my mind just playing tricks?

If not, any way to politely ask my Tablo to get the most recent firmware from Tablo HQ? :slight_smile:

2.2.16 is the most recent.

Even numbers are production, odd numbers are Beta software so unless support had loaded .17 on there to try to test or fix something, you were definitely on .16 before.

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Great, thanks.