FireTV - Tablo Freezing moving thru interface

I am an Amazon FireTV users - Using the latest 4K Amazon FireTV.

Ever since the last Tablo firmware update a few months ago, this issue has been slowly getting worse:

  • Starting Tablo from FireTV, it may not load all the way and hang (intermittent)
  • After in Tablo, unable to navigate between menus as the interface freezes (at various points)
  • Once a recording or live TV program starts, it plays as needed, this issue is just in the navigation.

It has slowly been getting worse since the last firmware update.

I have tired, but does not seem to help

  • Hard reboot of the Tablo Device
  • To get out of the freezing - You have to exit the app and try to load it again, multiple times just to navigate the menus
  • I have forced close the Tablo app on the FireTV and also cleared it cache, but still experience the issue immediately after.

Are there any other FireTV owners experiencing the same thing? I did not report it sooner as it was a nuisance at first, but now it is making the device unusable.

@orgDavis - Sorry to hear that. Pop us a note with the details and we’ll take a closer look at your Tablo: