FireTV stick performance

I’m new to Tablo. I have the Tablo device set up. I purchased a firetv stick to use on my main TV, but have yet to open it as I have performance concerns with the stick. Is the stick sluggish, or does it do well? And is the performance a product of the device hardware or the network connection. I have the Tablo itself connected via hard wire. The stick will obviously be via wifi. I have a strong wifi network using Ubiquiti products. My signal at the television is strong. I stream on an AppleTV via wifi with no issue. Should I be sending the stick back in favor of a FireTV box (or possibly Roku 3 since FireTV seems to be out of stock with the new version rumored to be out any day now)? Or will the stick perform well given a strong wifi signal? I know, I know, I should have asked these questions before I purchased the FireTV stick.

Thanks for the advice/help!

It is very sluggish almost to the point I want to throw it across the room. I only got it when it came out as a deal for $25, but I would not get it again for any of my TVs.

The full FireTV is awesome. The stick is underpowered. This is not a Tablo issue (in my opinion), it’s across the board with Slingplayer, WatchESPN and other apps.

Agreed, however, the Tablo app is terrible on the stick :stuck_out_tongue:

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Agreed as well…but will add that the Tablo app on the Fire TV Box isn’t great either…
Has a long way to go to match the Roku 3 in responsiveness and picture quality.

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Thanks everyone. I will be buying a Roku 3 then, given the feedback.


It seems Amazon maybe will be releasing a updated FireTV and Stick soon … the box has been sold out for weeks and they are not taking any back orders

It also can be that their hardware dept is going to be cutting back :confused:

I have 3 FireTV boxes and 1 stick, the stick is sluggish and if I am serious about watching anything with it, I would get the FireTV box. I am very happy with my FireTV boxes but of course, I didn’t upgrade my Tablo to the latest firmware 2.2.2

I always wait at least 10 days to make sure any new firmware release (not only Tablo) is usable before upgrading… :wink:


Na, I think killing the firetv would be remote … It has 30% of the marketshare According to some new numbers from Strategy Analytics in Q1 of 2015 for media streaming devices.

Seems high but then again AppleTV and Roku are very long in the tooth for a very long time so maybe …

Well apparently because of the Fire Phone the word is they are re-thinking the hardware business

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Yup. Agreed… Amazon Fire Phone was a fiasco – let it RIP

They just laid off a bunch of folks

I changed my recording quality to 1080, so I’ll see if I have problems tomorrow night. I will test it on both the FireTV Stick (beta) and the Roku 3 Preview. If one has a problem and not the other, I’ll post that. If they both have problems I’ll also post that. If either has problems, back to 720 at least until a new version comes.

I am watching The Tonight Show, recorded last night, after changing recording quality to 1080i. As I said, I’m here to report my findings:

  1. FireTV Stick BETA has to much stop and go, that I gave up during the intro. So @TabloTV this needs to be addressed. Using 2.4 GHz network because FireTV said it was the best.

  2. Roku 3 both Preview BETA and PREVIEW (they might be the same, but I tested both) and both work PERFECT. The Roku 3 is on the 5 GHz because Roku doesn’t say which is the best and is the one I wanted.

I changed the recording quality tonight to the 720 Recommended to see what that brings to the FireTV Stick.

Depending on what happens, I might try connecting FireTV to the 5 GHz network to see if that makes any improvement.

EDIT: While watching the show every so often on the Roku 3, I DID got the Please Wait Loading screen for a few seconds. So the test tonight might be better for the Roku 3 too. I am using 720 Prefered and NOT 720 Roku.