Firetv Stick Constantly Bufferring

I downloaded the new fire tv app, and it is now running fine, but live tv is constantly Bufferring. Recordings also do the same thing. I have the Tablo hard wired to the LAN, and am showing Very Good signal on the fire stick.

No buffering on the same recording with other playback devices?


As a matter of fact, I just checked my Roku 2 on same tv, same wifi, there is no Buffering on live tv or on recorded. (My recording settings are the recommended, 720p, 5mps).

EDIT: OK, so I should have tried this first!!! I power cycled the stick, and it appears to be working now…grrrrr

I’m having the same issue only with my Amazon Firestick…not with iPad or iPhone. This started when Tablo updated the Amazon software on 10/31.

I posted about this yesterday as well. Hoping Tablo sees this and is working on a fix.

I spoke too soon. I am again having the buffering issue. The longer I watch it appears to settle down, but if I rewind or fast forward, it starts cycling again, enough so that I ts unbearable to watch. I just switched over to the Roku 2, and am having a simar issue, but less often.

My son is also watching a recorded show in another vroom on a hard wired Roku 3?

If I can’t watch in both locations st the same time zone that defeats the whole purpose of the Tablo.


It appears this might have been a network issue?

I moved a wifi router closer to the TV with the Roku2 and the FireTV. Now they both seem to operate normally without the constant buffering.

Yes, playback controls can cause buffering & delays if the WiFi network is weak.

Sounds like re-positioning the router was the solution in your case :slight_smile: