FireTV Stick 4k and Tablo on same switch

Trying to confirm a theory. My Tablo Dual Lite and FireTV Stick 4k are both connected to a Netgear GS105 switch. Playback of recordings is working great so far. I’m wondering if the Tablo and FireTV stick just talk directly to each other through the switch, with no router/ Internet intervention. If so, that seems to be a pretty efficient setup. (Great speed so far). Can anyone confirm?

basically how networking basically functions from what I understand. Of course you need a router to get things started and to renew DHCP. There may be some initial internet connectivity for device discovery, varies by device and timing – otherwise there’s not internet activity between tablo and “viewing” device/app.

As for efficiency, a 100mbs even 100’ of wire through a router and a 100’ through a switch - there should be NO noticeable degradation unless your entire network is heavily saturated.

Thanks so much for the quick response. Whatever the absolute technical reality of my setup, as I said, it’s so far working great for me. The big advantage I think is no wireless needed.

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