Firestick won't connect when used remotely

I have a ATT Uverse Router, and I have a Nighthawk R7000 connected to it by ethenet. My Tablo reports that it is configured properly (forwarding was completed on the ATT Uverse Router. The tablo is connected to it by ethernet). When I am at my mom’s house, my phone will connect to my tablo whether I am using Cellular only, or her WIFI only. The firestick, that I first used to connect from inside my house, then took to hers…doesn’t work. It attempts to connect then a picture of a table appears with the words “Connect Remotely”. When I click on it, it attempts to connect and then gets an error.
Any ideas? I suspect that last update that mentioned geotracking is the culprit.

Is your Tablo connected to the AT&T modem or connected to the Netgear router? And how, via Ethernet or WiFi?

It’s connected by ethernet to the AT&T modem/router.

When was the last time you paired the Fire TV Stick to your Tablo at home? Can you bring the Fire TV Stick home and connect it to the Tablo to re-pair it?

I have this same issue. I recently recieved a new att router, got tablo setup, no issues. Connected firestick at home, no problem. Firestick will not connect remotely. Same as originally reported. Note that I am able to connect to tablo remotely via my android phone and tablet