Firestick-->Recordings-->Episode Select

In the Firestick app, I wish the recordings were organized by season (like android or the html/desktop version) rather than one long list. I have 9 seasons of a show recorded and on the firestick, to watch Season 9 (the better season), I have to scroll through 80+ shows, which is slow. Hopefully the Firestick development under organizing recordings will follow the android/html development.

In the meantime, if I were to sideload the Firestick with the android version, I’m wondering how user friendly it will be with the Firestick remote… anyone have experience doing this or will it create more trouble than it’s worth?

@boydscout - You can use the FFWD & rewind buttons to quickly skip from season to season in the recordings menu and just about any other menu.

This also works on ROKU for anyone reading along!

Thank you for the quick response. Using the fast forward button is quite the quick fix. And here I was contemplating sideloading the Android app!

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No problemo!

Lots of other good tricks on this page: