Firestick poor quality vs. Roku

So I’m a long-time Tablo 4-tuner user and until recently have always viewed both live and recordings via Roku. After needing to purchase a Firestick for other apps, I’ve started using it for Roku and notice playback quality on the Firestick is much darker and seems really poor quality compared to the identical programming when streamed on the Roku. Have others noticed this and is there a way to improve on this or should I just continue to use Roku for Tablo except when remotely connecting? Kind of a pain having so many streaming devices e.g. I have a U.S. Firestick, a CDN Firestick and still have to keep my Roku around for better quality HDTV.

Are you using the same HDMI input on the same TV? My first thought is the TV picture settings if using different inputs.

I don’t have a Fire stick so I can’t comment on that device specifically.

I would think the display settings would be similar from HDMI port to HDMI port however I can test that and report back if the poorer image quality follows the Firestick or the HDMI port.

Most current TVs have settings per HDMI input so that things can be adjusted for specific devices/uses.

I have an HDMI Tablo, Roku, Firestick, and a Walmart ONN 4K Google TV adapter, all connected to an AV receiver. No picture difference between any of them.

Does that AV receiver then output into one HDMI input on your TV?

Yes. A little overkill for now, but the ONN may replace the Fire TV due to its annoying prompts to use voice commands.

I asked for the clarification because what I was saying earlier about adjustments is on the TV itself.

As I said, most current TVs have settings per HDMI input so that things can be adjusted for specific devices/uses (i.e. game consoles vs streaming devices like a Roku) but since you are using one TV HDMI input for all your devices I wouldn’t expect there to be any picture difference as far as the TV settings are concerned because you are using the same HDMI input for all of them.