Firestick or Roku 3?

I already have two ROKU TV and one ROKU 3 in my house. But I was wondering if the Amazon Firestick is better in terms of the app experience?

Also, the firestick is way cheaper $$ than the Roku 3, but which is better?

The Roku 3 is better. The Firestick is just a low powered Android device. Now, if you want to go full blown FireTV, that’s a different story.

I have both the Roku 3 and Firestick. While the Firestick guide looks better, it is underpowered, i.e. slow.

Yes if you go the Fire route, get the Fire TV box, not the Stick.

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I got the FireTV stick because it was the deal of the day at Best Buy.

Note: IF you want to use away from home that you will need either FireTV or FireTV Stick because NO Roku has Tablo Connect.

thank you all for your advice. I am going to get the firestick and if it’s too slow for the wife’s liking then I will upgrade to the firetv.

thanks again!!

Please report back on your experience. I have 2 AFTV boxes, but I am considering adding a third via the firestick.

I also got the FireTV stick on sale but from Amazon before the full release. $20 is a good cheap buy for some testing. I also had no idea you could take the FireTV Stick out of the house and have it connect back home.

+1…I did the exact same thing.
Just wish it was a bit snappier. But it is super compact for taking on the road, and works well with Tablo connect.


Right now the best Tablo user experience IMHO is FireTV box and iPad.

I want the Roku to be the best experience (I think it is one of the most versatile because of # of apps), but it just is not there yet for Tablo (and may never be, reference: Possible to get an ETA on next Roku update/release?).

But, the Firestick/TV are Android boxes. Anything you can get on Roku, you can get on it and more. Not to mention, what isn’t in the Amazon’s app store, you can side load via ADB (adbfire). And, you can put Kodi on it and there’s a wealth of addons for that for all sorts of stuff. I believe anything Android based is going to be way better than a Roku. But, in the end, it’s all up to preference

@chesh, point well taken. I am “hedging my bets” anyway … been on the lookout to buy an android streamer as well. It is just a dizzying array of choices, with some that don’t quit seem legit on ebay etc.

Tablo Connect only works remotely if you have used it home first. I used it for a week in a hotel.

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I got my fire stick setup. A little slow, but videos play very smoothly. I even added kodi and love being able to add the add ons.

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You can’t beat a side load of Kodi w/ the Android backend. I think I’m going to pick up one of the new FireTV 4k’s when they come out in October for an even better Kodi on a Fire product experience.

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