FireStick buffering issue

This is actually a bug. Multiple FireStick experience buffering with different recordings but Roku devices work with no buffering. I have tested the same shows back to back with three different FireStick and two different Roku and the Roku does not experience buffering.

Which Fire TV Stick? 1st Gen? 2nd? 4K?

Just downloaded the Tablo Preview app. Gonna test with it first. Will provide more info if issue remains. Thanks

I started my Tablo experience using 2nd Gen Firesticks (not 4K) and it was miserable. So much so that I was about to giving up on the Tablo and try the Amazon Recast. I have since purchased a Roku Network Stick+ and that made all the difference in the world. Not only do I not have buffering issues, but I don’t have to wait for the device to “sync”.

That was going to be my first suggestion. Check you wifi connection. I started my Tablo journey with all hardwired Rokus. I improved my home wifi, and have since gone all FireTv (I much prefer the FireTv interface). 2 Firestick 4k, and 2nd gen Cube. All wireless, and no buffering issues

Something wrong here, but I doubt it’s the Fire Stick. Too many (thousands of) people getting excellent results and performance on them. I’m one of them. I also use Roku (ultra), getting no better (or worse) from either of them.