FireFox on OSX, "failed" "most recent" recording tabs missing?


I recently decide to switch over to Firefox from Chrome … and I noticed with the web app, that under Firefox 66.0.2 on OSX that the “most recent” and “failed recordings” categories are missing (I verified they are there by using Chrome on the same computer) … Secondly I also noticed with FireFox the “syncing” animation does not animate … so you can’t see if its actually syncing or not (content just shows up) … Anyway wondering if something was amiss with my Firefox setup … @TabloTV @TabloSupport thoughts?

(Again this is not on Windows … but OSX/MacOS 10.14.4 Mojave and Firefox 66.0.2 )


Understand you’re using Firefox on OSX, but here’s what I see using Firefox v66.0.3 on MS Windows 10:

I don’t recall ever seeing ‘Most Recent’ in the ‘Recordings’ category.
The only time ‘Failed Recordings’ will show up is if there was a failed recording.
The blue circle is where 'Failed Recording’s would display, if there were any.

The Firefox Tablo syncing animation hasn’t been a thing for a while now, but I don’t remember how long ago they did away with it.


Oh I know I had failed recordings, as I said I fired up Chrome and they were there… for whatever reason they were not showing up in Firefox but showed in Chrome … (ive since removed the failed recordings – but using chrome to do so)


K, now I’m jealous.
A little.
Not enough to install Google Chrome.


Herer’s Firefox 66.0.1 (64-bit) on the top vs Google Chrome Version 74.0.3729.61 (Official Build) beta (64-bit) on the bottom running Debian buster (aka testing)

I generally use chrome for checking up on tablo and confirming scheduling (and it’s easier to edit if I need to modify start/end times). I generally rip or encode the shows onto another system… that’s just me. Never had any clue there was a difference… have no idea why they would have different styles for web browsers.


@TabloTV @TabloSupport @TabloEngineering Any thoughts as to why FireFox browser fails to show the same elements as say Chrome does?


In the past this was always the statement from the tablotv WEB pages :

“PC & MAC computers running Chrome or Safari”

“We Recommend
Any PC or MAC computer running Chrome or Safari with a sufficient video card for playing high quality video will work with the Tablo web app.”

And the failed category use to only show up when there were failed recordings.


Well I can see the FAILED category under Chrome with actual failed recordings sitting in there, just in FireFox the tab doesnt even appear even if there are indeed failed recordings on the Tablo… so that seems a bit odd to me if there ARE failed recordings, the tab only appears in one browser (Chrome) and not the other (FireFox). But thanks for pointing out the note on OSX being chrome/safari (and I did check, Safari shows the missing tabs like chrome)…

Oddly the “syncing” animation also fails to show under FireFox


And again for illustrative purposes, I put both Chrome and FireFox up and you can clearly see missing categories in FireFox vs what you get in Chrome… This is going to the same Tablo box on the same network from the same computer, only difference here is browser being use.

I moved off of chrome due to the more recent builds being horribly broken and privacy concerns.


I prefer FireFox but I’ve been around the block a few times where some times the cloud app gets updated and “all” things work and some times a few things don’t.

And we could go into a whole discussion of WebDB versus IndexDB and if tablo is still using the database (and SQL) that even Google says is deprecated.

And nine days ago tablo updated the cloud app and my older frozen version of Chrome totally won’t load. I’m too lazy to go into my spare room to fire up newer version of Chrome or FireFOx on a newer OS just to use tablo to see how it works on those browsers.

And while I have very few failed recordings I never remember the Roku or Fire TV Stick apps ever having a failed menu.


me, I really just use chrome for my tablo, for similar reasons. chrome is a google product, google is the giant of data mining… at least that’s my perspective. I’ve been using firefox since version 0.9 - when it went open source from Netscape.


It’s sort of frustrating, because like MSIE of old, there are more and more websites that are “Chrome only”.

I know the Chrome fans don’t mind the “all Chrome world”, but to me, it’s just exchanging one evil overlord for another.


That phrase kind of hit something… didn’t google have a saying “don’t be evil”? So I searched (not using google) to get it right. Seems they did, but toned it down to ‘do the right thing’ last year.
Seems you are so exactly right!