Fire TV Stick - Short Pauses

Does anyone have a fix or troubleshooting for short pauses during playback of live tv? This is really noticeable on sports and it seems like I’m losing a frame of some sort.

Tablo is hardwired
No buffering what so ever from Tablo

I haven’t tested anything else because that is the only streaming device in the house.


my guess is that it might be your wifi connectivity between your firestick and your network. do you have anything that you can hard wire in to stream to in order to test this?

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Ill test with my laptop later tonight and see. I am also swapping a new router out today, so ill update you.


yes, the state of your home network and router can make a huge difference. The easiest way to find out if you are running into an issue of network latency is to just do the hard wire test to your laptop and see if there is a difference. I would imagine there will be a difference. I also use fire sticks and fire tv. My fire tv is much better as it is a faster device and also hard wired in. The fire sticks are in my bedroom TVs. My home wifi coverage was not all that great, but I upgraded it with a eero system and now I have no issues with the firesticks either.

Just an update on this. I got a new router Asus 3100ac and synced fire stick up to 5ghz. My laptop didn’t have short pauses wireless or wired. I purchased a Roku 3 to test and it works flawlessly. I then purchased the 2016 Roku stick for my bedroom and no choppiness.

Firestick gen 1 without the voice search is the root cause.

My setup:

Tablo two tuner hard wired
Asus 3100ac replaced Linksys 1900 ACS
100mbps connection
Video out in Tablo set to 720p 60fps - 10mbps

Cool, glad it is fixed for you.