Fire TV/Stick random loss connections

I have 2 fire TVs (one is a gen 1 and the other is a 4k box) and two Fire Stick devices and this happens on all of them.

while watching a show on the Tablo app I will get a screen that says that the device has changed addresses. If i go back to the guide/recorded screen and then back into the show it continues to operate.

There is absolutely no way that the Tablo is changing IP addresses as I have it set as a static IP in the router. Also, the Tablo and the 4k fire TV are hard wire into the network so I know it is not a WAN issue.

I also have an issue with the app just freezing during a show. I have to go all the way out and force stop the app to get it working right again. This also happens with the hard wire Fire TV but not as often.

Anyone else seeing this change of address screen?

Sorry to say , I have not seen this behavior with my 1st & 2nd gen Fire TV boxes.

I know you said the Tablo has an IP reservation from your router, Do the Fire TV’s have an IP reservation as well? Maybe that is what’s causing the problem. (I’m just throwing out ideas) I have reservations for all my electronics that need an IP.

Hmm. Could be. It seems strange that just about every time I use the Tablo app the router decides to change IPs.

This is the error I get.

I have 4 2nd gen Fire TV boxes.

I have seen this error message a couple of times before & both times it was an issue with my hard drive.

Like @rccolts, when I got this error it was due to the hard drive. When I first got my Tablo, I decided to try and use an old hard drive I had laying around. Come to find out it was bad. Got a new one and haven’t seen the error since.

Should definitely check your hard drive.

Well that’s unfortunate. It was a brand new HD when I bought everything. I used the one that was recommended.

Thanks for the replys

If you have a different usb cable for your hard drive, you can try that. I do remember having to switch out my usb cable that came with my hard drive with the one that came with my phone and had a better experience. Try that before you try a different hard drive. Not all usb cables are created equal.

If you send our team ticket, we can check your Tablo’s logs to see what’s causing the drops.