Fire TV Stick - constant stuttering

I have Tablo 4 tuner, one Fire TV, two Fire TV Sticks, Ipads, Iphones. All work very well except the Fire TV stick. Fire TV stick stutters and buffers constantly and is not watchable at all. This happens on Live TV and Recordings. Again, on Fire TV, Ipads and Iphones Tablo works pretty smoothly with only occasional buffering (once or twice in a show.)

I use a wide variety of devices including a 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick - which works flawlessly for Tablo playback, both within my home (LAN) and remote viewing from out of home (which is great!).

With very limited info…I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that your WiFi isn’t up to the job for streaming to your Fire TV Stick. And a second SWAG that you have your Tablo connected to your network via WiFi instead of wired ethernet? I mention that because you state you have occasional buffering on other devices as well…which you really shouldn’t have at all.

Tablo is hardwired to the router.

If my wifi wasn’t up to the job why would it work on all other devices except for fire tv stick? Wouldn’t inadequate wifi plague all devices? The occasional buffering I see on other devices is only occasional (once or twice per 1-2 hours) and only last a few seconds each.

Not necessarily. There might just be too much signal attenuation between the FireStick and the router. Is it the furthest away? Or with the most walls/etc between it and the router?

3 things could be different:

  1. Distance from unit, and wireless router.
  2. Objects between unit, and wireless router.
  3. Wireless signal choice: 802.11 (a, b, c, g, n, ac, …).

802.11n, for example, is much faster than 802.11g, but doesn’t reach as far, and can’t go thru objects, like walls, as well.

You shouldn’t be seeing this on any device - if your network wasn’t working at the limit of its capacity.
I literally see zero buffering issues on any device I use…but I also have a pretty robust network (LAN) design, and my Tablo is connected via wired ethernet to a quality gig-e router/switch.

You haven’t mentioned anything about how you have your Tablo setup…or how your Fire TV stick fits into that design (and which version your using). The 1st gen Fire TV stick isn’t nearly as good as the current gen for example…

Try and clear All cache data on your Firestick… By doing this, you’re going to re-sync your Tablo… Any Apps you’re not using get rid of them and restart your Firestick… see if that helps a bit…

It could be that the wifi on the troublesome device is not very good, mate.

There are some good suggestions above. It’s possible the FireTV Stick is just receiving a lightly degraded signal compared to the rest of the devices you’re using the Tablo app with. It may be worth checking which Wi-Fi channel your router is using. Or, if it’s a dual-band router, make sure your FireTV stick is using the appropriate band. Give us shout if you’d like to work with us directly.