Fire TV stick app doesn't show "scheduled"

I have two fire TV sticks. Each has been paired. I am using them away from home. One of them can show the scheduled recordings and the other one does not. It’s like there is a sync failure. Display of live TV works fine with both of the sticks. Why would one stick show the scheduled recordings and the other does not?

Are they both running the same versions of the Fire TV app? This can be found under Settings once the Tablo app is running.

There is nothing under “settings” called “version of the Fire TV app”. Are you talking about the “UA” field? Or maybe you are talking about the “HTML Application” field? Taking a stab in the dark, I will guess that when you say “version of the Fire TV app” you mean “HTML Application”. That value in both of the Fire TV sticks is 1.0.25-616/8000003. Anyway, the two fire TV sticks were loaded with the Tablo app on the same day, about three days ago. How recently did the “version of the Fire TV app” change? Last April, right? Not within the past three days? So yes I think probably they are both running the same version of the Fire TV app.

The most recent announced update was Dec. 2, 2015, pairing now survives WAN IP changes - see thread below. There have been multiple updates since April 2015. The date quoted by Amazon is wrong.

The version you are quoting is even newer than the Dec. 2nd version.

Okay so now we know that when you say “version of the Fire TV app” you mean the “HTML Application”. And yes now we know that the version on both Fire TV sticks is 1.0.25. So now we can return to the original question. Why does one of the Fire TV sticks show the scheduled recordings, and the other of the Fire TV sticks does not? It looks like a failure of the app to carry out a sync of relevant information such as the list of scheduled recordings. Why would this sync succeed on one stick and fail on the other?

@oppedahl - Try disconnecting your Tablo on the FireTV stick that isn’t working. When you’re in the ‘connect’ screen delete your Tablo from the list and then re-add it. It will perform a brand new full synch at that time. If things still don’t look right, drop us a note:

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Recall I said “I am using the Fire TV sticks away from home”. Thus your suggestion of unpairing and repairing the stick with the Tablo isn’t as helpful as you might think. I would have to physically transport the stick with the bad app quite some distance to get it back into the same room with the Tablo.

This is what I usually do to resolve any odd behaviours as you’ve described.