Fire TV playback keeps crapping out

Hello guys, another newbie question of mine.

I just bought a FireTV and have it hardwired, just as my Tablo is hardwired. My Tablo has a DHCP port reserved for it. Anyway, playback in both recordings and live tv just stop, giving me the error that the connection was lost during playback. This happens pretty often, sometimes during direct playback, and otherwise after resuming from pause.

Any ideas?

What is the make and model of your router?

Are both devices directly hard wired to your router? Or do you have an Ethernet switch inline? Or a Powerline Ethernet adapter?

Have you tried replacing the Ethernet cables?

Hello, I have a Cisco E1200. This is a pretty basic router.

Both my Tablo and FireTV are hardwired to an ethernet switch, which is itself hardwired to my E1200 router.

I also have the problem when starting up a channel, that the HDD has to spin up before the Tablo will tune in. I usually have to command the Tablo to tune in 3-4 times before it will work, and I think this is because the HDD is not yet ready to write to.

Well it is either the switch causing problems. Or the HDD disconnecting that is the issue.

What is the make and model of the HDD you’re using?

Can you try this: physically disconnect the HDD from the Tablo, power cycle the Tablo by pressing the little blue button on the back of it (hold it down for only a second), and then try watching Live TV on the Fire TV.

Without an HDD, you can only watch Live TV on one tuner. If you have no issues doing this then you know it’s the HDD. If the issues persist, it is likely a networking issue.

Hello, the HDD is an Intenso 1TB. This is a German brand. I just notice it spinning up whenever a channel is tuned or a recording is being accessed. I would guess though, that all HDDs spin down when not in use, right?

Thanks for the good idea however to localize the problem. I will try later disconnecting the HDD and seeing if the tuning works better.

If the HDD is in fact the issue, you can contact Tablo support by opening a Support Ticket. They can remote in to your Tablo and check the logs, if the HDD spinning down is in fact causing your issues they should be able to see that in the logs. You may need to replace the HDD with something that doesn’t spin down (aka go into power saving mode).

Yes, it just happened again playing the recorded Packers game from last week…

“Playback Error - Your tuner has been reassigned or your device has temporarily lost connection with your Tablo.” And this with everything hardwired. Nothing is being recorded right now by the way, so it doesn’t have to do with a scheduled recording.

You said the issue has occurred with Live TV too - have you tried watching just Live TV without the HDD connected?

Your Tablo might be crashing, and rebooting.
Try to watch the same section of that recording.
See if you get the same error, and check the Tablo blue LED to see if it’s flashing.
You’ll have to check quickly, cuz it only takes about 1 minute for the flashing to stop.
If it’s flashing, it’s rebooting.
That would be a support ticket issue.

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Hey guys, thanks again for the quick responses. I did try watching live TV without the HDD, and it worked ok, however I was only able to try about 20 minutes. Now I am already back on my way to Germany. I gave myself 10 days to get this all straightened out, but I guess that is pushing it.

Anyway, I turned the blue light off, because it was annoying. Good tip though for the future when I am by the device.

In the end, I went and bought a Seagate 4TB BackupPlus slim edition from Costco. It was recognized right away, and I am hoping to have better luck with this one. I am crossing my fingers.

The blue LED will flash during the boot up process even if you set it to be off during normal operations.