Fire TV is great!

I haven’t seen much here on the Fire TV so I thought I would make a quick post. I’ve had the new Fire TV since it was released and it has been working great. I’ve had no issues to speak of. I’m totally satisfied with it and my Tablo. The one thing I did do was to use wired network instead of wireless. Was going to try a Roku in another room, but will get another Fire TV.

FireTV gen 2 with Tablo firmware version 2.2.8 ??

Still on 2.2.6 the last I checked. And yes, gen 2.

It seems some of the complaints with Fire TV are with the remote. We’ve been using the app on our phone and it’s great.

I purchased the Tablo last January (2015) with hopes it would work with the Kindle Fire tablet I already owned. It did/does work with Kindle … sort of, but does not cast to a TV, so in April I purchased the Fire TV device and a Chromecast. When Tablo came out with the app for the Fire TV, I installed it and have not looked back. The experience has not been without some challenges, but it has been workable and far superior to the Chromecast which I’ve tried only a few times since the Fire TV app became available. The latest firmware 2.2.8 seems to have resolved a few of the more important issues (recording that wouldn’t appear) and made the responsiveness much quicker. I really hope Tablo continues to prioritize Fire TV development and support. The platform is great and the combination of Tablo OTA recordings with the Amazon catalogue is tough to beat.

OK…based on this I just ordered a Fire TV. Not the stick. It’s $25.00 off as of today ($74.99) and I’ll have it on Saturday. I am soooooooooooooooooooo tired of the Roku/Tablo issues.

This is IT for me, however. If this doesn’t work the whole mess, Tablo and all, is going in the trash bin and I’ll go back to cable or Uverse. It’s insane to waste this much time “trying” to watch tv. :-(confused:

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Being able to use the Fire TV remote with the Tablo has been one of the better aspects of this platform in my experience. FWIW

Haha agreed, yeah this is crazy. I found myself spending unusual amount of time monitoring the issues reported on this forum for each Tablo firmware update to decide IF I should risk upgrading and end up with a non-functional Tablo; hence, I am still on 2.1.30 firmware and it has been working great.

I see no compelling reason to upgrade the Tablo firmware and potentially ruin my experience until there is a feature I want. I am sticking with what works for me for now. Just wish Tablo would get rid of that NAGGING update screen every time I start the Tablo app

Fire TV arrived today (a day late, I guess due to black Friday sales?). Hooked up in seconds, updates installed (around 10-15 minutes) and I’m watching TV the way it should be. Several hours without a single LPW. No crashes, no freezes. Really nice picture (seems better than Roku, but maybe I’m crazy).

The cord cutting move has ended up costing me much more $$ than I originally thought, but I guess, despite everything, I’d do it again.

Now…what to do with a used Roku 3? LOL

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[quote=“MsMetaP, post:9, topic:4953, full:true”]
Fire TV arrived today… Several hours without a single LPW. No crashes, no freezes. Really nice picture[/quote]
Can you tell us what Tablo firmware version are you on ?

I’m on 2.2.8. And I have to report that I found a problem. The Tablo live TV guide is three hours behind on the Fire TV. I’ve tried rebooting both Tablo and Fire TV. No change. Zip codes are correct on both devices.

I’m guessing I got NO recordings last night, because if the recordings follow the same time settings, Tablo would record stuff that’s on at the wrong time. I didn’t notice this yesterday because I had company and they were watching old recordings and stuff on Amazon.

This is the last chance for Tablo. I’ve wasted enough time and $$$ on this. It really seems like Tablo released a product that just isn’t ready for the general public.

Edit: Another problem. I’m not sure if this is related to the Fire TV or the update to 2.2.8. I’ve lost Tablo Connect, which has always worked for me previously. Anyone else lose TC on the upgrade?

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I checked the time zone setting on the fire tv. It is correct.

I may be in error here. I set the zip code, assuming that would set the time zone. Maybe there’s another place for entering the time zone? I’m at work now, so I will have to wait until I get home tonight to check further.

If there’s a Fire TV (not stick) user out there who knows how to set the time zone, please explain. That would save me time looking for the setting! TYIA

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Found the timezone setting. It’s not presented during setup, because, as a Prime member, the FTV is supposed to be “pre-configured.” Mine wasn’t. Tablo support says a lot of them have shipped with incorrect timezone settings. So… if you buy a FTV, be sure to check this setting.

All is well with the guide times now! Happy days are here again. :slight_smile:

Now if my Tablo connect works tomorrow I hope I never again hear the words Tablo and Roku in the same sentence again. Roku is going on eBay.