Fire TV goes back to the beginning of a show instead of where I left off

Have been a user for 7 plus years. Mainly on Roku’s. Since remote connection does not work on Roku, we have an an old 2nd Gen Fire TV. Recently while traveling, Dear Wife would pause her recorded show and walk away for a few minutes. When she came back, it would be reset to the beginning. Same thing when she pauses a show and gets out of the Tablo app on the Fire TV. When she comes back, a minute or an hour or day later, the show is reset.

We have an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k in the house. It does not have this problem. And, again, the Roku’s don’t have this problem.

Brought the 2nd Gen Fire TV home, deleted the app, reinstalled and the problem is gone. Can’t delete and reinstall the app while on the road as we will no longer have a remote connection. What should I do next time? Clear cache? Anyone else have this problem?

@HappyUser Unless your Tablo Connect remote streaming quality is set to FULL programs will always be transcoded from the start which means that in-progress points won’t be saved when viewing remotely.

Thanks for such a quick response. I had the streaming quality dialed down because the wifi speed where we were staying was pretty low. Plugged the Fire TV into the router and it fixed the buffering, but I did not dial up the streaming quality.

Thanks, again.