Fire TV app, stuck in search, how to exit?

I managed to get in the text search screen of the Fire TV app, How to I exit, or go back to select a program for playback ?

@ka0wtk From the Text Search screen, click left on the navigation circle on the Fire TV remote. That should present you with the Tablo menu. Select Live TV to access the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and select a channel to view.

Thanks for the reply, I eventually rebooted the Amazon Fire. I believe I tried your suggestion to to avail.

I have this same issue. None of the buttons on the fire remote allow me exit the Fire TV keyboard that pops up when you go into search in the Tablo app.

I have also run into bizarre states that I can’t get out of when I am trying to enter characters for a search. For example I cannot delete characters from the draft search string.

I have gotten stuck on the Search screen on both my 1st gen and my 2nd gen Amazon Fire TV boxes. To get out of the screen, I just backspaced my input characters (which don’t show on the screen; I’m opening a new thread on that) and then carefully typed in a search phrase I knew would find results, like “news” then I can exit when results are shown.