Fire TV app (stick)

I am having a couple of issues with the new Fire TV app. First, I am unable to playback recordings. When I try to, I get a message saying “for security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.” Not sure what the message is and why I am getting it. It give me the option to click settings, which does nothing or cancel. My second issue is with general lag. When I start up tablo, it goes to a syncing screen an takers at least 30 second to load. Then there is general sluggishness thought the app, with every page I click on taking time.

Under Developer Options you need to turn ON “Apps from Unknown Sources”. This will allow installation of the Tablo Video Player.

If you are not prompted to install the player then delete the app from your AFTV and re-install it.

That option is under Settings -> System on the FireTV.

Thank you! This worked like a charm!