Fire TV app freezing up

I have a Toshiba FireTV and the app frequently locks up and sometimes reboots the TV. No other apps seem to have this issue; Have tried to uninstall and reinstalll the app, The TV OS’firmware is up2date. Anyone have a similar experience?

My Firestick 4K does the same thing frequently (Tablo App version 1.1.3, Tablo firmware version 2.2.48). I’m waiting for an app update to see if it alleviates the problem. Like you, no other apps run via my Firestick have this problem.

Same problem here. We’ve got Tablo running on a 15" echo show. App works on all other platforms.

Good News/Bad News

I have reported this issue with my FireTV Stick 4k for over a month now. The bad news is Tablo support has not fixed this and and seemed to be working on other issues like the major ROKU problems.

I decided to spend $19.88 and get the ONN streaming box from Walmart. The good news so far after using it for less than 24 hours it seems to work much better than the Firestick. The exact same FAST Channel issues with recordings and live viewing where there would be picture stutter and freeze ups and boot outs have NOT happened.

I just watched a previous recording that would stutter and freeze with the FireTV sick and the ONN device had NO issues.

So you can either wait for the long overdue TABLO fix or take matters into your own hands and invest $20 in the ONN device which works.

Same here. I have two fire 4k Max 1st Gen sticks, and they both are pretty much unusable. The new 4k Max 2nd Gen does work with the tablo. The old ones act like the CPU is pegged.

But like you I bought the onn 4k $19.99 box and so far after two days it’s smooth as silk.

My guess is the Google TV store app might be the most supported app and get the lions share of attention by tablo.

And tablo aside, I find the Google TV interface much cleaner and had fewer ads. Unless Walmart blows it, I think I will no longer by fire sticks and buy these.

The Tablo business model and the tech support for that model are not in sync. Tablo wants to have their devices usable by ROKU, FireTV, Apple etc… However they do NOT have enough resources devoted to making that happen it is obvious. Most streaming devices generally are not working with the TABLO 4th gen very well and there are not enough resources devoted or expert enough to fix the problems which have been out there since the device has been sold. This is not a very good business model and not a way to keep customers and have happy customers.