Fire stick vs fire tv is it worth the upgrade?

So I have a question for fire stick and fire tv users. I use a fire stick now and occasionally I have buffering and every blue moon it will crash the tablo app. I am thinking about upgrading to a fire tv. Twice the processor, twice the ram. What does anyone think?

Do you have the ability to hardwire the Fire TV in the room it will be in? For me, being hardwired is worth the upgrade. That said, I had the FireTV (1st generation, so not as powerful as the 2nd generation) work fine with Tablo with no buffering over WiFi, but it was in a room not too far from the router.

The speed of the Tablo app is faster on the Fire TV box than the Fire TV Stick.

Which version of the Fire TV Stick do you have? 1st gen or 2nd gen? If the 1st gen, has it received the new Fire OS 5.0.5 update?

I have two 1st gen Fire TV streamers, and one stick. There is definitely a difference in performance. One of my Fire TVs and the stick are WiFi -n. The Fire TV rarely has any buffering issues, but the stick sees a buffer every couple of hours.

Note in response to theuser86: I have the 1st gen with FireOS 5.05. The Alexa features work pretty well, I only wish it included timers and alarm clocks.

I have a Fire Stick, a 1st gen Fire TV and a 2nd Gen Fire TV. The Fire Stick works fine with Tablo when it works fine, which is when it’s got a great wifi signal. It’s not as ‘peppy’ so to speak as the Fire TV boxes, but both of those are hardwired which gives me great performance.

The remotes for the Fire TV’s are a little more substantial than the Fire Stick remote and I like them better. The remote for the 2nd Gen is a little taller than the remote for the 1st Gen.

I have had great performance with both Fire TV’s and rarely use the Fire Stick.

Thank you for the input. I have a second gen fire stick and both have 5.0.5. Bad thing is I don not have the ability to hard wire. I plan on getting a wifi extender to give my fire sicks a better signal. Again thanks for the input…

The WiFi signal is likely better on the FTV box than the Stick bc the Stick is close to the HDTV which results in interference.