Fire stick data monitoring

Hi new to tablo,so far so good. I use tablo through the fire stick and under the data usage control it says I used 25 gigs in one day can you explain, thanks.

Is that ISP (internet) usage, or is it just how much data passed thru the Fire TV Stick.
The Fire TV Stick will use your local network to get network data from the Tablo, which won’t affect your ISP usage.

While I’m sure that Amazon could determine how much data was internet versus intranet they are probably much more interested in scrapping all of your information concerning all data and app usage.

They also encourage customers to use this feature by hooking the Prime Set Video Quality into having the monitor feature on.

The 25 gigs was under the Tablo app under usage

@TabloTV Ah, I don’t have that feature with the Roku Tablo app, but I’m sure it’s just the network data going from the Tablo to your local network.


Yup. Unless you’re using your Fire TV stick while away from your own home network, there’s no way that can be counting towards your data cap.

Watch only at home

But still 25GB of local streaming in 1 day is a lot!

Have you been sitting in front of the TV for 24 hours straight? Lol

If you have your Tablo set to full quality that’s really only about 5 hours.

Ok for me at 3 Mbps that’s like 15 hours - I was really only joking around lol

Yeah I timed it for an hour and at 720- 3 mps it was 3.2 gigs