Fire Stick app and selecting the channel call sign

I have five channels with no programming guide. Tablo support is trying to correct that problem. In the meantime I am unable to find a way to get to the channel number and view these 5 channels. The new FTV app skips over any channels missing information and when I move left from the guide info for those channels with guide information it skips over the call signs and goes directly to the menu area. Thus I am finding it impossible to watch five channels on the TV with the firestick. Has anyone been able to figure this out? Where am I going wrong?

Thanks, Steve

If you can select the channel somehow you can just press the play button on the remote. If not, wait till the guide is fixed.

Do you have guide info for said channels on other front ends? Smartphone or tablet?

@naplesteven - You can also try choosing an adjacent zip code in the meantime to see if you can get the correct guide data. 

If you have a bluetooth mouse you can select them by clicking the channel number like you did in the sideloaded app

I have been able to select the channel with the mouse on my FTV box but my 2008 TV with the FTV stick does not have capability. That is the TV the wife watches and it really needs to be a simpler operation for my cord cutting to work and continue. I see Titan TV has the guide for 4 of the 5 channels so I hope Tablo should be able to get me going soon. Sure would be nice if we could just choose the call sign though.

@Naplessteven - Have you tried using a nearby zipcode?