Fire stick and FireTV connections issues

RESOLVED,. But here the story

I am a newb to Tablo but have read many threads here and don’t see a decent solution. I have a brand new Samsung 65” tv with a Fire Cube. The Samsung plays the Tablo programs much more smoothly than the Fire Cube which struggles to connect and sometimes fails. It is always slower.

In another room I have a Firestick on a smart Visio and that gets no connection at all to the Tablo. I replaced the firestick with an old (4 years) Roku and that works perfectly. The Visio doesn’t have the Tablo app.

I’m on Google Mesh so the Wi-Fi connections are near to each TV. The Tablo is in a different room where the antenna comes into the house and I have it hard wired to my one of the mesh boxes.

This is not a Tablo issue it is a Firestick/FireCube issue. All of this product is less than one year old and updated to latest available firmware.

Don’t see any answers here but if there are please direct me.


I’m not familiar with a mesh system (I know what they are, but am not familiar with actually using one or the specifics of the connection). I do know that unless you have remote access set up all devices have to be on the same wifi network ssid. Does the mesh system allow for one ssid?

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Thanks for your question. You are correct this is one network rather than zones with different names like I had before. The mesh is very slick and balances out gaps in Wi-Fi coverage in a large home.


I was able to fsee nd a customer service number for Amazon Fire. The Fire Cube has an issue with Tablo if the IR mini-cube is attached. This item is intended to help send signals to your components when you have components in closed cabinets.

Disconnecting the IR cube and restarting the FireCube eliminated the connection issue.

Unfortunately it appears I’m going with YouTube TV and since Google and Amazon don’t get along there’s no native app for YouTube TV so the FireCbe is gong back. (I know there are workarounds but Samsung TV handles the Tablo App flawlessly.

On my Toshiba fire edition tv the tablo app picks up the signal well, but it is connected via ethernet as it is right next to where my ISP gateway is hooked up.

I noticed a bit more lag with the Tablo app on the TV upstairs, which uses a first Gen fire tv box (not the stick) on wifi. The Tablo is up in that room as well as that is the best place for my antenna reception.

I didn’t notice other connectivity issues, but that TV is not used often. I will make a note to check it out more thoroughly when I get home and report back. It could be the Amazon software or hardware. I can’t give info on the stick as I do not have one. We just have the 2 tvs in the house.

Have you checked any Amazon forums to see if anyone else has issues with apps or with the Tablo?

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