Fire stick 4k app issues

I have a fourth generation tablo with four tuners. The tablelo device itself works very well but unfortunately the tablo app on the fire Stick 4k is glitching. If I just watch a show it’s fine but if I interrupt it by hitting the back button or pause it hangs. Spinning wheel and then reboots. I could connect to the tablo device fine with my Android phone. Is there another device I could use that would be more stable? Fire Stick 4K Max, Roku? I know the tablo developers are busy with support for various other apps (apple, Samsung, etc). I have a Vizio TV which is probably on the bottom of the list for support. But the fire stick app really needs some TLC from these guys.

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There have been numerous complaints about the firestick 4k and the Tablo.

If you’re looking for an extremely cheap but well-performing device, the onn 4k streaming* box from Walmart works great with the TabloTV app. If you’re a firestick guy, my favorite (and fastest) streaming device in my house is my 4k Max 2nd gen*. As for Rokus, depending on the model there are some issues. You’d be best looking at an Express 4k Plus* or better (Ultra, etc.) AppleTV* is a separate matter and you would need to sign up for their beta to check this one out for yourself.

… * I do own and use quite successfully use these with my Tablos. Each app has their own quirks though…

Hope this has been helpful!

The better solutions that 269587 mentioned are the $20 ONN 4k device that I have and it works fairly well and the FireTV stick 4k Max 2nd gen that also works fairly well which I have. I bought both out of frustration with the issues using the Tablo 4th gen.

Keep in mind that you may still have some hiccups with Tablo 4th gen even with these devices as the product still has a way to go to be a 4 or 5 star rated device.

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I had the exact same behavior on my Firestick 4k. As others mentioned here, the Onn Google TV 4k streaming device works much better with the Tablo. I switched to the $20 ONN device and no longer have the issues you described when backing out of a show.

There are still some bugs, but the behavior you described was so irritating I almost ditched the Tablo. But now I find it relatively solid. Recording shows works well (except for rare issues), and live TV is rock solid.

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Thanks everyone for the great feedback. I’m going to go with the ONN streaming device. I just want stability with the tablo app. Chromecast is a plus (The Vizio native Chromecast is quite buggy). And I’m not looking for other streaming app support (Netflix, prime, etc…). Those work well on the native Vizio, much better than the apps on fire Stick.

Omg. The tablo app on the ONN device is 1000x better than the fire stick app. Switching between menus and navigating is so much smoother. In my opinion the fire Stick tablo app should be withdrawn or considered beta at best. Thanks for those that responded.

Given that FireOS is just a modified Android, why would there be such a big difference? On my legacy Tablo HDMI, the built-in, FireOS and Google TV versions all look and perform about the same.

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Pretty sure they’re the same app.

Just issues with certain hardware – the Firestick 4k (not max) being one of them.

This. Who knows what exactly Amazon has modified. I know the Onn devices (I have an Onn Pro 4K) run stock Android TV/Google TV.

All Android devices don’t work the same. They just share the same OS. Theres a unique u/I, processor, GPU, WIFI, etc… each with unique hardware and firmware that could cause compatibility issues with an app. I think the responsibility of the app developer to make sure it works on all supported platforms. The fact that other apps worked on my fire Stick suggest it’s not a hardware defect on my fire stick device. The tablo app it’s not compatible with the fire stick 4K. I’m really happy with the ONN device. Tablo works great on it and does a great job chromecasting. Only $20.

I’m very disappointed in the Tablo app on our 4k Fire Stick. Spinning blue wheel, hangs, etc. While ONN might be a workable solution, I believe the responsibility clearly lies with Tablo to get this addressed. They sent me a survey some weeks back and one of the questions they asked is what new products I’d like to see. How about stabilizing the products you have? C’mon Tablo…the best way to get new customers is to keep the ones you have happy.

Because the community has a much clearer idea of which devices really work with the 4th gen Tablo, it would be nice if @TabloTV would take these into consideration when listing devices on their website.

It is very unfortunate that they show so many older STBs when it’s rare that users get them to work properly. Since the Firestick 4k is still listed on their supported devices page, I agree that they really need to make sure these gadgets genuinely work with their product.