Fire in CN Tower antenna mast knocks out local OTA in Toronto

I turned on the TV this morning to catch some news and most local stations were not available. Pretty much all local stations have their transmitter antennas at the top of the CN Tower here in Toronto and a fire has shut down all of them!
Not sure how long this might take to repair.
I can still get all the American stations from Buffalo but no CBC, CTV, Global etc.

CN Tower antenna fire - CP24

CN Tower fire - CBC news

@AceConrad We’ll be keeping tabs on this and will keep you posted if we hear any news.

Please keep us posted as well.

@AceConrad - Can you try again? Someone else on Facebook is reporting everything is running fine. Perhaps they’ve switched to backup transmitters?

CBC Toronto is working fine here.

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The only station we could not get at 9 am was CTV, looks like everything is back up now.

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Yes, all looks good now. I guess once they turned the power back on everything was OK.

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