FiOS channels not found

I just added Tablo DUAL Lite, for the intention of recording one off-air show. when I finally got the Tablo “installed” on the network, no channels were found during the scan, which I repeated multiple times. I wanted to control the unit thru my Roku smartTV which has no issue with the channels. my understanding these FiOS channels are ATSC spectrum, the same as OTA and Tablo should recognize them… is this not correct?
not sure how to proceed, other than return for refund

The input to a Tablo is a coax cable connected to an OTA antenna. The Ethernet connection is so other devices on your network can share the OTA channels and recordings. So, to answer your question, you are not correct.

Does an antenna TV channel scan work on your TV?

If you don’t actually have an OTA antenna connected to the Tablo, you can’t record anything. FiOS has nothing to do with the Tablo.

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FiOS service is where I get my Digital Channels from… 2.1, 2.1 thru 73.673 and up

I don’t use Fios set top box, just the cable hooked up to SmartTVs and the channels are found. Tablo won’t find the channels when I connect the cable…

You’ve intrigued me. Am I understanding the following correctly:

You have FiOS TV (as in Fibre optic into your house). The Fibre-optic cable connects to a box of some sort. Out of that box is a co-ax cable (like the old TV cables). You plug (screw) the co-ax into the back of your TV set. Tell your TV to run a channel scan and the TV lists the channels. Is the above correct?

Somewhat like described here for “How to connect and activate service for standard-definition stb” :

If so, when you tell your TV to do a channel scan, what type of connection do you have it set as (Cable or Antenna)? The reason I ask this question is that the signals are different between the two.

you have it correct… I do Cable/digital on the TV and all Off-Air channels are seen on their correct channel numbers… when I do the scan on the Tablo, nothing is found :frowning:

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Are you connecting your tablo directly to an VHF/UHF antenna or to a Fios coaxial cable? If its the later - that not gonna work at all as the Fios cable is not an antenna. The tv might be able to scan for free QAM channels – Tablo doesn’t have that kind of tuner.

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This seems to be a classic Internet thread - This is not complicated. Tablo recognized OTA signals from an antenna, not a FIOS signal, regardless of what your TV does with the same signal.


Is there a CableCard involved in this system?
If there is, the CableCard gets paired to only 1 device, in this case, your TV.
It’s not plug and play.

Cables channels are not the same as OTA channels. Even if they have the same content on them. Tablo will do you no good. Just return it.

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yeah, seems that it will do me no good, thanks guys!