Final Straw For Me

Well…the Packers are playing and I can’t watch the game because my Tablo webapp won’t connect/sync. My Roku app will sync…BUT…I can only watch recorded shows because the channel guide won’t update… it just displays “Loading…”

I had the Tablo system for two years and it is still incredibly buggy. There were a few glorious months when it seemed to work.

Aaron Rodger just threw a TD! That would have been cool to watch.

@TAJ360 You should be able to highlight any row from the live TV screen and just use the play/pause button on the Roku to tune to that channel.

That said, you shouldn’t just have loading in every cell. Please touch base with our support team - we’d be happy to help.

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Thank you for the tidbit to press play/pause button to get channel. I’m experiencing same problem it just displays Loading. I’ve tried rebooting tablo, connect through ether and wifi. No luck. Same result Loading…

@Dana_Girl Touch base with our team if you haven’t! We can take a look.