Figured out way to remote access on work PC

I was able to remote access my tablo at work by installing chrome onto a flash drive, load tablo app through chrome on the flash drive, connect to the tablo via home network on the flash drive, and then take the flash drive with you. It saves the tablo information and allows you to connect to your home tablo on any PC. I verified it today at work and it works great. It is a way to get around not being able to connect my work PC to my home network and you can carry it in your pocket. I will attach a website link below that explains how to install chrome onto a flash drive. Extremely easy to do. I bookmarked the tablo app website to make it easier to access and flash drives are extremely cheap now. It’s a way to do it until they allow remote access by logging into your account.


That’s cool.

Here’s how to just copy the Google Chrome browser cookies for Tablo Remote Connect…

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I have several spare USBs that I’d like to do this on; what amount of space approximately would be needed? What size flash drive, thanks?

PS Looks like the Google Chrome system folder takes about 830 MB on disk.

I believe mine is on a cheap 4gb flash drive that I have had for years. It has room to spare too. Would have to check later for exact amount.

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Thanks, I have a spare 4 GB flash I can use. That’s good enough info.