FF/Skip question?

Recorded both America’s Got Talent and Top Chef. When we went to watch them the next day we were able to skip forward like we always do until about half way through on both of them. Then it stopped us from any skipping or FF for the rest of each show. They played perfectly except for not having these features available. Normally we have preview panels all the way through the shows. During these shows the preview panels stopped when the FF/Skip feature stopped. Nothing but darkness after about half way in the preview panels even though the shows continued to play. Thoughts?

Related experience…after we play one recording - during which the preview panel works correctly - if we immediately start another playback, the FF/Skip works, but the preview panel is gone. It seems to be a browser problem - if we kill & restart Chrome, the preview pane shows up again.

Was this on Roku or another platform?

I saw this for the first time last night. It was on a Roku 3 (4200).

It happened on a recording of the Jimmy Fallon show with Kevin Hart. At about 36 minutes in I tried to fast forward through a commercial. It just froze like it was paused. The FF indicator was on the player screen but nothing happened. The 2xFF indicator would appear but not the 3xFF.

It would continue to play but I don’t remember the time advancing.

I even backed out of the app and rebooted the Roku but still no FF.

That’s interesting.

Keep us posted if you see this happening again.

We have seen the Roku run out of working memory which can cause the blank FFWD preview frames. However, a reboot usually fixes that.

FFWD Preview frames can sometimes be missing from a recording due to an error in the broadcast stream, however they wouldn’t be shown partially.

You could tell the playback was sick after the attempt to FF even though it was playing fine when the play button was used - because the time was not advancing. It was stuck on 36 minutes.

After the reboot when playing the same episode the resumed time was somewhere around 45 minutes. It also was not advancing.

But the episode played correctly.

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(Following) I’m having the same problem with my Roku.

@zippy @hokiescottyp We have recently managed to reproduce this internally. It appears the preview thumbnails are now reacting differently to channels that have reception ‘blips’ - they can become out of sync, and then eventually fail altogether, causing issues with FF/RW. We’re looking into this now.

Since you like to hear of strange Roku 3(4200) phenomenon.

This may happen on all tablo models. Let’s assume you are using a dual lite 64 and the internal storage. This unit is currently only used for recording college football games.

If when you connect the last menu or location to connect to is recordings - tablo is basically a DVR.

There is only one tile in the recording section labeled “college football”. When you connect you are in the main menu but see that the recording tile for “college football” has no picture but a number of recordings.

You wait approximately 30 seconds and the picture fills in. If, without entering the recording submenus, you move up or down to a different main menu. Let that menu fill in, etc. Then move back to the recordings menu.

The tile for “college football” is totally blank. Wait no longer then 30-40 seconds and it fills in. You can do this all day long.

I have reported this to Tablo, but have had no response. This has to do with the frame snapshots it generates (the thumbnail preview that pops up during rewind/fast forward).

During the latest firmware upgrade (at least that is when it started happening for me) the data file for those images indicates all recording segments are 10 seconds–and the thumbnails are generated for every 10 seconds of video or so. In reality, this is not the case–the segments vary as before between 2 and 6 seconds. So, when pressing rewind or fast forward, it changes by 10 seconds–soon becoming out of sync, and eventually running out of thumbnails.

The web app, and I Android I believe, do not rely on those thumbnails to rewind or fast forward and thus the problem is not present.

I just had this issue for the first time tonight. We are using a TCL Roku TV. The show was recorded the day before. Well watching the show my wife also said the Tablo had been disconnecting from the Roku TV. That has never happened before either.